Robert Kiss
Film director and producer
Award winning producer of the movie “Amazonia – Final countdown”
1st place at National Documentary Festival Gödöllő 2017
1st place at National Documentary Festival Gödöllő 2018

During his career of 20+ years in broadcast and media Robert travelled the world around from Hungary to Florida, through the fjords or Norwegia, to the breathtaking Amazonian rainforests. As a dynamic person, he really likes fast, sharp decisions and creative aspects.

Joël Dollié
Sound Engineer
Mixed and mastered the Mozart symphonies 40 and 41, for the Danube Symphony Orchestra
Worked for Cavalry Music, the company which published Venom, It, Dunkirk and Logan

Joël Dollié is a zealous sound engineer, has mixed and mastered numerous tracks for Cavalry music, the company which has produced trailer music for movies like Venom, It, Dunkirk and Logan. He has also repeatedly  collaborated with Daniel Beijbom, the trailer music composer for Star Wars, Spiderman and other franchises. Joël excels the most in
concocting orchestral masterpieces.

Ashton Gleckman
film composer
Founder of Blackbird pictures
Hosted the series “Behind the Score
Worked for Hans Zimmers’s companies

Ashton Gleckman is a nineteen-year-old filmmaker and composer from Carmel, Indiana, USA. He is the founder of the Indianapolis-based production company, Blackbird Pictures. To date, he has released a feature-length documentary film, three albums, written and directed five short films, composed scores for a number of productions, and has also produced over thirty hours of online video tutorial content. He hosted the series “Behind the Score” in which he examined and deconstructed various film scores and co-founded Global Composer Network. Ashton has worked for Hans Zimmer’s companies Remote Control Productions and Bleeding Fingers Music.

Layal Watfeh
film composer
Works with e A Score in Los Angeles
Winner of the Global Music Awards 2018
Winner of ollywood Music In Media 2018

Layal launched her career as a music composer at the age of 21, after working in several music production studios, including the biggest network in the Middle East, MBC. In 2009 she opened her own studio in pursuit of her ultimate dream of composing for TV and Film. She started focusing on composing music for several different mediums including advertisements, TV series, documentaries, short films and feature films, across the Middle East, U.S.A, Canada, and U.K.
In 2016 she signed a contract with Score A Score in Los Angeles, U.S.A. as one of their composers. As well as “Velvet Green Music”, in 2018. Layal is the winner of 11 international awards, her latest being from the Global Music Awards 2018 in the US, and Hollywood Music In Media 2018.
For more information: https://www.layalwatfeh.com/

Arn Anderson
Producer, Evenant Co-Founder
Composer for film and media

Arn Andersson is a Norwegian musician, music producer and creative educator with credits ranging from feature films and Hollywood trailers, to Grammy-winning artists and world class DJ’s. He’s worked remotely as a digital nomad from nearly 30 countries while empowering other creatives through the online school Evenant.
For more information: https://www.facebook.com/arnofficial/

Chritopher Siu
film composer

Christopher Siu is a pianist, teacher, composer, arranger, and vocalist who began classical training on the piano at the age of 5, and has won numerous awards at music festivals in Canada and the US.  As a composer, Christopher writes, arranges, and produces original soundtracks inspired by classic Disney films and Nintendo games. Christopher is also a full-time YouTuber and uploads new videos every week about soundtrack and theory breakdowns, sample library reviews, and tutorials designed to help musicians with their own music-making.

Zsolt Karlovics, Balazs Monos and Laszlo Marodi
aka The STW Producer Team