Welcome to the Score The World contest, a new approach to film scoring competitions!

The Mission

Most of the scoring contests reward only the best 3 contestants. But what about the other hundreds and the huge amount of creative effort that they put in by creating a beautiful mockup?

Our team of 3 musicians founded ‘Score the World’ with two goals in mind: create a scoring contest that provides valuable and transparent feedback, while addressing global environmental and social issues through music.  

Let’s see how the STW contest is different:

Proper Briefing
You get a detailed briefing during the application process, similar to what you get from your Client when you apply for a scoring job for real. We do not only give you deadlines but also scoring preferences, possible reference music/template music, instrument and soundscape recommendations and the placement of the music during the short film. On top of all, you’ll get clear and transparent scoring criteria, so at the end of the day, there will be no questions remaining, how your composition was reviewed.

Your score and placement
If you want to learn, and develope your skills, on the long journey to perfection the most valueable help is feedback, appreciation, and critique.

  • EVERY contestants get their exact score and placement by the evaluation criteria
  • TOP 50 get a written feedback, strengths of the cue and areas to develop. Also get a 20% extra discount from products by Strezov Sampling
  • EVERY contestants get 10%, the TOP 10 contestants get 30% discount to a recording session at The Mill Scoring. The Mill is a Hungary-based, classical and film score-loving orchestra that offers virtual and live recording sessions for insanely low rates. (30 piece orchestra for 700 USD/hour. The offer is available until May 2020.)
  • TOP 10 get honorable mention award and also get 25% discount of any Cinematic Studio Series library
  • TOP 5 get valueable scoring tool Details here!

The trailer of our contest
(A cut from the award winning movie ‘Amazonia – The Final Hour’)

The Task

  1. After reading the Contest Rules, apply to the contest! After the application, you get your detailed brief and download kit with all the instructions.
  2. Create your original score for the short film (3:13 long ).
  3. There is no limit on what kind of instruments and sound design effects you are allowed to use, but mostly we will focus on how you managed to extend the visual scene with extra emotion without overwhelming it.
  4. In the download material, you will find the detailed brief of this scoring project. Please focus on all of the instructions.
  5. Send us your final composition synced with the movie before the deadline (March 15th, 2020. 10.00 a.m. GMT+1) at the upload page.

    The announcement date and the official closing of the contest is:
    April 5nd. 2020.via our website, all social media platforms  and contact emails. 

A Noble Goal

With your entry, you are supporting a noble goal.
We are using our collective creative energy for a good cause: 50% of all our profits will be transferred to Amazon Watch, a foundation for saving the Amazonian rainforests. If you feel like, you can directly support the fund here:

How To Apply?

1. Read the Contest Rules here!
2. Buy your entry at this link:


3. After the payment process, you will be redirected to a landing page, where you must register.
If you had any problem with the payment or the registration, no problem, just write us an e-mail:
4. After receiving your payment and registration, we will send you a confirmation letter that everything is fine.
5. The contest’s official launch date is February 1st, 2020., when you will receive the contest materials, the instructions and you can start working.
6. Upload your final composition with the original scene synced with your original music, before the deadline (March 15th, 2020. 10.00 a.m. GMT+1) at the upload page.


Our Team

Let me introduce our core team from left to right: Zsolt Karlovits, Balázs Mónos and László Maródi. We are enthusiastic musicians, producers and also huge film score addicts from Hungary! We are really happy to have you in our competition, and wish you an amazing time composing for the movie Amazonia – Final Hour!

Score The World - Film Scoring Competition